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Friday, 3 December 2010

"Santa Baby": Revised for personal use only!

Season's Greetings! 'Tis the season to be jolly and the time to make your Xmas list.
Here's mine in a revised rendition of the old time favourite "Santa Baby":

Santa Baby,slip a Birkin under the tree,for me             
I can't afford it alone
So Santa Baby,hurry down to Bond street tonight.

Santa Baby,I want myself a new pair of Choo's
Or Mou's...
Why not Manolos or Lou's?
So shimmy down my chimney tonight.

Santa sweetie, it would be heaven for a white Audi Q7,
My car has seen better days,
So Santa Baby, get down to the dealership now!

I have been so very good
Only spending what I should
But it would be so darn nice
To sip on Bollinger on ice.

Santa Baby, a Burberry avi-ator coat
Why not?
A cheaper version won't do
Santa Baby,don't drag your feet down the high street tonight.

Santa honey,fill my stocking with a Milgauss Rolex
I'll get the box of Kleenex
Don't fret!
Just hurry down the chimney tonight.

Come and leave beneath my tree
Handbags and shoes from Ol'Fendi
I really want a Peekaboo
Or something from Bottega will do
Boo doo bee doo

Santa Baby,this last little thing before I go
Some snow!
London has had its fair share...Beware!
So hurry down my chimney tonight...
And don't you dare tell me it's too tight...
I'll bloody wait for you all night....
I'll even prepare a wee little bite...
So hurry down my chimney tooo-nighttttttt.           
Boo doo bee doo


Lina said...

You forgot the first class trip New York! Boo doo bee doo! But honey no Bollinger on ice! just ice cold Bolli! Merry Xmas!

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