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Monday, 6 May 2013

TOPSHOP:Top of the hipster shops



The TOPSHOP phenomena is spreading ...Fast! and I urge you to get on board.

I no longer have to schlep it up to Oxford circus and into the behemoth flagship store that houses everything under one roof, because Topshop accommodates everyone by opening a TOPSHOP near you! 
As big and as wonderful as it is, trying to shop anywhere in Oxford Street over a weekend is a nightmare. But not so much in the TOPSHOP in Knightsbridge  across the road from Harrods and nearer to me when in London where I can hop in  and check out the latest designer collaboration and pieces in the Topshop Unique collection. Everyone is super friendly and super helpful and you are never left searching aimlessly for help ...as in Marks and Spencer. I swear you can go days walking through departments and never come across a single salesperson...... 
Unfortunately Knightsbridge has become the highstreet shopping mecca in a sought after address with all the big name designers elbow to elbow on Sloane Street now. But at least we have a choice smorgasbord of the more fashion forward names: COS, TOPSHOP,FRENCH CONNECTION, ZARA, GAP ...to supplement our wardrobe with disposable items that don't cost the earth but look mighty fine with our designer finery's.

Last summer I managed to fool some fashion conscious friends (who never stray from designer labels by never dipping their toes in uncharted "highstreet" territories) with a short boucle style jacket from Zara that they thought was CHANEL and some Preen/ALDO pumps...:" Those are lovely darling...are they Loubous?"


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