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Thursday, 26 June 2014

You've Got Chain-Mail

My mother was always ahead of her times when it came to fashion...she was bold, fearless and championed the best during the 80s.
Gianni Versace and Gianfranco Ferre were her go to people for their extreme style and perfect,precision cut.

So why am I going down memory lane? Well I came across this image of a model wearing a chain-mail Versace ( Donatella) dress in the June Marie Claire.....

Gorgeous isn't it? Look how it glistens in the desert sun....just the sort of body armour one needs on a blisteringly hot day....and believe me that dress is heavy,if memory serves from back in the day.

My mother had several chain-mail pieces ranging from tops to dresses...(Lord knows her monthly shopping expenses were as hefty as the weight of those dresses)....and I managed to dig up this photo,taken in 1984:

Haughty as a Supermodel, classier than any Socialite and the envy of many....

Incidentally, the 2 miserable cows( and we were miserable,I cut off our heads on purpose...) behind her are me and my sister...all 80's bushy hair and mom envy: she was once again stealing the show and hogging the limelight.
I am on the right in a cast off Gianfranco Ferre top of leather and suede strips with raglan sleeves...and I LOVED IT! My sister on the left...I cannot remember what she is wearing but it may well be a "borrowed" top from Mom's extensive Versace collection.

What goes around,comes around...needless to say we auctioned off the last of her chain-mail tops at Kerry Taylor auctions a few years back now and it sold well.

Memories..like the fashionable corners of my mind.....