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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Do You Remember the Time....

This is a BLAST from my past and a pleasant one,I might add.

I came across this page in VOGUE SPY  and did a double take:
The thick argyle cardi worn on the model above is a Vintage Ralph Lauren...and how do I know this?
I own one,the very same and I can even date it: 1980..the year I went to boarding school and my mother spent a fortune on my designer trousseau...I mean wardrobe!
I have never wanted to rid myself of it and despite the fact that I washed it last year and stupidly put in the dryer...I HAVE A WOOL CYCLE!
It's ok tho' not tip top but ok.

Nice to see that it can still command attention...in Vogue no less.

Now let us move our collective attention to the jeans worn by the very attractive lady on the right: Been there,did that and NEVER NEED TO DO IT AGAIN!!

Seriously! Are transfer jeans back in fashion? Didn't the Gods of Fashion have any ideas and sort of pulled it out of a hat...as a dare????

Urgh...at any age ...what goes around,doesn't need to come around ad nauseum.