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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The Beanie with Attitude: by Bernstock Speirs

"How lovely!"...must be the comment that comes to mind upon seeing this image, after all isn't a "beanie just a beanie"?!
Not when it is designed by Bernstock and Speirs...it isn't !!

They have been designing these fabulous beanies since 2005 and they are still going strong.
Available in several versions (hence different prices...so read the descriptions carefully)
*Deluxe Veil Beanie:  knitted cashmere, yarn from the renowed Johnstones of Elgin and with a lambskin pom pom and integrated veil :£150
*Cashmere Veil Beanie; once again cashmere yarn from Johnstones of Elgin but with a black wool pom pom and veil : £110
*The Basic Veil Beanie: in wool with wool pom pom and veil : £85

This gives a new lease of life to the die hard beanie..the go to hat when it is cold...
Now it has "panache" and "savoir flair"!

Go for it!http://www.bernstockspeirs.com/

Or check out stockists near you ...in case you need to try it on and check out whether you can pull it off without "finger pointing "ridicule from your "uneducated in fashion trends" friends!
...you know who you are!


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