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Friday, 24 April 2015

Emotional or Vandalised Baggage ?

In the handbag dept. in Harvey Nichols, London my heart lurched and my stomach sank when I saw this very sight:

" WTF....!?" I exclaimed , horrified by the sight before me. My sister couldn't agree with me more...Who on earth would want to disfigure these emblems....Nay! objects of fashion status !

This is more than an "emotional outburst"... I see this as self mutilation: you are mutilating yourself by carrying such a disfigured iconic fashion accessory.

So who ? and Why?...are the following questions..

These bags are part of a collection of vintage handbags designed by Claudia Ricco : founder of luxury online retailer "Rewind Vintage" and hand painted by Palestinian artist Janan Shihadeh. Each handbag is numbered and part of a limited one off collection:

"...the UK exclusive collection celebrates the relationship between art and fashion, aiming to teach consumers how to carry their emotional baggage in style and with a hint of humour."

I am all for whimsy... Hell! This blog is wall to wall whimsy and humour but these poor innocent Chanel  handbags didn't deserve  this kind of treatment. The Louis Vuitton Speedy either for that matter but I rank it bottom of the designer handbag chain...

You have to ask yourself ;who would be foolish enough to throw money away on such a travesty?

Then I remember reading about Kim K and her Hermes Birkin hand painted by her daughter: North West.....

I rest my case.
There is obviously someone out there who has bags a plenty and wouldn't bat an eyelid to what I can only refer to "vandalism" of a much sought after handbag.

I would also call it a " darn shame"....

 But then I saw this one on the "Rewind Vintage" website:

.....and all is now right in this crazy world...
I actually believe that this enhances the Louis Vuitton Epi leather Speedy....(never liked Epi leather.....)

All is forgiven.


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