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Monday, 13 July 2015

SELF PORTRAIT...a labour and label of love.

It has been a while since my head has been turned around by a collection and it was amazingly so, on my last trip to London .

We were in Selfridges... which in my eyes is the No.1 department store for trends and new designers all housed in a vibrant setting that induces the need to shop....and as I walked away from Philip Lim...or was it Alexander Wang...I get those 2 mixed up...my eyes alighted on these riveting beauties....

Lo and behold.....

SELF PORTRAIT:....feast your eyes....

I got goose bumps in their presence...that is when I knew I was in front of excellence. Am I going overboard and overdoing the gushing?
Hell! No...Let me get to the best part....these gorgeous dresses are so affordable it is mental!

Anywhere between:£200-£320....I kid you not.

So who is this wunderkind?
Malaysian born, Central Saint Martins trained: Han Chong...who decided to bridge that unthinkable market between High Street and designer...and he pulls it off. I could barely get myself to touch these dresses..they oozed pricey and chic and magnificence...that a hand that had just touched items from Whistles...should promptly be sanitised. Then I saw the price tag and thought I had crossed over into the Twilight zone until a fellow shopper who was beside me marvelling at these magnificent creations looked up at me and nodded...

Well, needless to say that the A-listers are enamoured and that the collection has sold out on Net-a-Porter within 3 days of it getting listed...and Selfridges has them flying off the rails at about 100 a week since it hit the floor in August 2014.

Have I convinced you to get a Self Portrait?...Lord I hope so...just don't all rush there at once!

NB. A shout out to the lovely Emilia Bechrakis...(what are the odds she will read this)...these dresses are made for you!


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