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Friday, 25 September 2015

Welcome to the Gucci Pet Shop

Autumn is officially upon us and as we start to leave our sandals for more adequate footwear I am happy to see that foot fur has now become a look du jour.

And by that I don't mean hairy toes...(God forbid) nor hairy feet...(eek!!)...but the unique crossover from Celine's fluffy Birkenstocks that sort of engulfed your feet to Gucci's creation of a puppy Chewbacca that has literally swallowed them....your feet...you are still with me, I hope.

UK Elle magazine quotes that you can:.." style them - with denim or a vintage print dress..." I beg to differ...you can wear these incredibly overpriced "slippers" in your uber chic chalet in Aspen ... while sipping on aged Cognac and making a playing card house out of your credit cards...
Come On Now!!! You wear these outside you will be mocked and vilified and ridiculed and let's not mention the fact that you will be cleaning the streets with your Gucci Swiffers wherever you go....at £1,230 go get thee a handbag.

On a more serious note:

Now this has more class and trend appeal and doesn't make we want to rush to the RSPCA and make a call for animal cruelty...

Ah...the tomfoolery of Fashion.