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Wednesday, 14 October 2015


The former editor of VOGUE PARIS has signed up for "bringing sexy back"...to Uniqlo....
.....then again one can hardly call anything sold at Uniqlo...sexy....until the 29th of October, of course.

So everyone with a modicum of fashion savvy, knows who Carine Roitfeld is....and if you think Anna Wintour is terrifying...well,she makes her look like a pussycat:

Just like Anna Wintour, Carine knows her stuff and she wielded a mighty sword when she was editor of VOGUE PARIS...but now she gets to share her fashion style with the common people. Lap it up, ladies!

Her 40 piece collaboration with Uniqlo...comes as well....erm.....a surprise?! This lady has a Rolodex of the best and most coveted designers on the planet so why on earth would she go high street?...Cos she is savvy, that's why!

As a staunch supporter of "curvier" girls, Carine has made it a point that her collection can accommodate the slim to the curvy without any jealous temper tantrums and that these pieces will retain their "chic-ness" despite the fact that they will be machine-washable...pure genius.

So what is left to be said....make sure you get there bright and early...because as any collaboration goes from H&M to Uniqlo...the early birds will get.....


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