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Saturday, 12 December 2015

There can only be One : 4711

Most of you must remember the one and only original :Eau de Cologne 4711....
My dad used to splash that stuff into his hands and rub them together and the smell still lingers on my mind.

Just like Badedas...remember that blast from the past? Does this bubble bath even still exist?...hmmm...something to look into.

But back to this....4711 has a revival! 
I picked up this little trick from a magazine I read;

"....hairdresser Adam Reed recommends splashing a cotton handkerchief with 4711 and rubbing it on your roots...as an instant refresher and hair cleanser..."

Who would have thought of it!

Apparently it also works wonders if you have overloaded your hair with product...I tend to go a little wild with hair serum on my fringe and it just dries in a clumpy, greasy mess...So rub 4711 into your hair with your hands and it should break the product down.

It apparently can also be used to break down the dye colour stain one tends to get along our hairline .....

To be tested.

One last little tidbit:

Now this I found amusing :....apparently if you are not a dab hand at creating the perfect extended line of eyeliner along your eye...open up your wallet, remove your Amex...and use it to guide you in the right and straight direction....
Any credit card will do...heck even your Harrods rewards card, Waitrose....Boots?...


Unknown said...

Reem of course Badedas still exists had a bubble bath yesterday... P aka The. captain.

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