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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Mission Impossible....

*courtesy of Chanel.com*
These were the mission and Yes!.. it was nigh on impossible...until my friend Stephane (now my inside man in Chanel ) rang me yesterday:

"We have just received a few espadrilles!...and as I know how much you wanted a pair..."

My sister lives in Monaco...and as leaving the office for shopping is not high on her daily to do list...she decided to call her "local Chanel"....on the off chance.

"Bonjour!"...my sister.

"Oui, bonjour"... sales assistant.

" Can you put me through to the shoe department please..."

"And may I ask why?"....sales assistant with high "snoot factor" .

" Well....(sister taking a relaxing breath...) I was told that Chanel in Cannes has just received some espadrilles and as I am not in the position to drive all the way there and back....(another deep, cleansing breath)...I was wondering whether you may have received a shipment too...?"

"Oh! I can't possibly discuss this with you over the phone, Madame....as you can well imagine, these are extremely popular and would require for you to come to the shop to find out in person."

My sister in her head: "...Oh pardon me! I had no idea that this is such sensitive material....!!! Are we being bugged by the Fashion Police?"
Or: ..." Good Lord, please excuse me...I didn't realise that I've just dialled the Oval Office...."

Lesson du jour :
Shop in Chanel, Cannes :there are some good, decent people there, some of whom I happen to know well.
If you are up for the challenge, need to get rid of some frustration and can do with a dose of verbal sparring: Chanel, Monaco it is...Go show them who's boss!