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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Balenciaga's foray into toys


Anyone  whose fashion feathers are as easily ruffled as mine, will probably agree with me on the total absurdity of Balenciaga's lego shoes in all the magazines out now ...thankfully I haven't seen them clomping down the street in the thriving metropolis I live in...nor would I,for that matter. Thankfully gaudy reigns supreme here and these clod hoppers aren't even that!
These for me are  Balenciaga's car crash moment. I know the fashion world has produced a lot of these stacked, club sandwich like shoes...why oh why? Hold the mayo,the bacon and all the plastic..get back to aesthetics and sophistication,please! Where are we going here? Straight for Toyland that's for sure. Any little girl playing in her mom's closet will reach for the stiletto's and lose her tiny feet in them with pride...the stacked shoes will be used as a housing complex for her play mobile dolls. 
First of all they look incredibly uncomfortable to wear;the components look like recycled plastic, PVC and bits of moulded kitchen cabinets. Who in their right mind would consider this:
a) fashionable
c) man catchers :any man who sees you walking into a bar/restaurant in these shoes...and I use the term lightly...  will turn away and ignore the hell out of you and the toys you came in with.
Now if  you don't give a toss about a man's opinion on fashion and buy them for your own pleasure ...then get thee to said bar,get blind drunk and then you will see the sheer hilarity and error of your ways . At least you won't be stumbling out to look for a taxi home...those things will keep you upright in gale force winds.
NB:..can anyone tell me if they have actually seen these in stores ? I should keep my eyes open when next in London and wear a garlic necklace.