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Friday, 8 April 2011

Hair today,Gone tomorrow: a story of lost hair and lost friendship

Once upon a time a friend told me that it was perfectly normal to lose a certain amount of hair every day,be it through brushing or washing ...and that 60 hairs a day were considered the norm. When I begged to differ ,she simply responded:..."why don't you count them?"
Are you insane? Do you think I have that kind of time or forensic dexterity to accomplish such an arduous task?..furthermore, have you seen how much thick hair I have and shed on a daily basis?
Let me show you the small pile of hair that comes away from simply having washed it and this is not including the ones that come away once my hair has been combed,dried and styled...Squeamish Look Away Now:

Where is Grissom or a good pair of tweezers when you need them?

Since then ,more hair has been lost as well as this friendship:
" Hair today, Gone tomorrow."