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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

You say "Ice Watch"...I say "Rust Watch"....

I bought an "Ice-Watch" Pure watch about 3 months ago...a transparent one for summer and sports and so forth.
I kept the receipt...luckily. 

Last week I had my first dip of the season...the weather has been foul and I was literally only waist deep in the pool enjoying life,the sun and "my light as a feather, no need to worry about it..." Ice-Watch.
Fast forward following morning, when I reach for my watch only to see that it had started to rust!!!
Yes rust,I say!!
Completely flabbergasted, I take the receipt and the whole paraphernalia that comes with the watch: the impossible to open cube of a watch box,the 2 year warranty and the notice that specifically says that the watch can be worn up to 10meters under water.

Here is the conversation:

" Hello...I bought this watch end of March and after my first dip...my watch has rusted!!!" I hand the watch to the salesgirl shaking with suppressed rage.
"Oh yes...I can see that...Pity you didn't bring it in sooner..."
" This happened yesterday!! Obviously the watch was perfectly alright until my dip in the pool!!!"
Dumbo checks the receipt and the warranty and says:
" I will have to send it to be verified..."
"Are you kidding me? What is there to verify? You can see the rust from a mile away!! Why don't you just exchange the watch for me!"
"Oh no!! I can't do that" she replies loftily.
"How long will it take?" I ask .
" A month"...
"ONE MONTH FOR A PLASTIC , 79€ WATCH!!" I yell beside myself with anger." I bought this to wear over the summer,not come Christmas...get me your manager!"

The manageress barely a notch better than her salesgirl...proceeds to tell me that I had:
"....exaggerated the amount of time allowed for it in the water"....
"You must mistake me for Jacques Cousteau! I don't scuba dive, I splash about... The watch is allowed under 10 meters of water..." and there I pull out the leaflet in the stupid box I had to get the salesgirl to open!!!
"So what it says here is a lie....???" she didn't know which way to shake her head: a negative no...a positive yes.....
" You are lucky that Ice-Watch will take it in to look at it and analyse it...."
"I am honoured but seriously this isn't a Blancpain...so be a good girl and replace this one from the massive amount of stock you have here and I will be on my way..."
"I can't justify the missing watch from the stock"...

I was livid and made it perfectly clear that I would talk about this,write about this to all willing to listen and that I will never buy this junk again! 

I now have a coupon  with a claim number and an access code number so that " I can follow the progress of my watch via Internet...."


Stay clear of the Ice-Watch shop on the rue d'Antibes in Cannes...it is run by a couple of unprofessional bozos who would rather pass the buck and blame you for the faulty watch then try and save face,keep the customer happy and bloody exchange it.