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Friday, 8 February 2013

Made in Mattel Heaven? When Plastic meets Fantastic..

Valeria Lukyanova and Justin Jedlica: When "Barbie meets Ken"... a match made in Mattel heaven?

Apparently not!!..or so the article in the Daily Mail proclaims.
Not that I think anyone really cares...in the grand scheme of things.

Where do I begin on this subject:....First of all this young man looks nothing like the "Ken" I knew back in the day so maybe this "Barbie" detected a fraud....or maybe this is simply asking too much from two people that have decided to be real life Mattel toys and succeeding  to attain this "status symbol". 

Apparently Miss Lukyanova has not resorted to plastic surgery but wears blue lenses on her green eyes to create this otherworldly look, lots of clever make up and hair extensions.  
Mr. Jedlica on the other hand has gone full hog and been under the knife....or isn't it obvious?

I loved my Barbie dolls,the clothes,the cars and all Mattel had to offer in order for me to lose myself for hours in my idea of heaven. I never sought to look like Barbie let alone marry a Ken look a like so I am baffled at the extent some people go to actually to look like these dolls. Has the need for perfection surpassed itself to such an extent that the ideals of some has crossed over from the sublime to the ridiculous?
Where is the harm,many would say? Other than to themselves? Because you have to have incredibly thick skin in order to deflect" the strings and arrows of outrageous fortune."
Then again Barbie and Ken are actually made of plastic and have survived decades of wear and tear,always smiling,always around. 

So what of these two? Just because they chose to look like their "idols" doesn't mean they have to necessarily like each other...as long as they love themselves,no?

Moral of the story: Plastic ain't always fantastic....