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Sunday, 23 November 2014

"Cousin It" Does Xmas....

Ever wonder what Cousin It ...(from the Adams Family) looked like at Xmas?

Well,in case you did,look no further I have found the answer for you:

And this is by Prada.....I kid you not.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

HIDE & SEEK.....

Have you herd.....The Urban Cowgirl is back in Vogue..if only in little touches here and there...total look is overkill and roadkill,my friends!

I am loving the cheetah print Mary Janes with a twist : front and centre by Bionda Castana..in fact Bionda Castana is the new Manolo (in my eyes...)vibrant and fun and the right side of expensive.

Then again is there a side in expensive to take?

C'est Qui?....CELINE!

Sho' Nuff must be love.....

Not that I am a Yellow kinda gal....but it is a mood lifter, something that will take your greys and your leopard prints to a sunnier clim.

Pump those biceps,cos it does look like a heft to schlep....not that anyone will be complaining when this makes its way under the tree....Gym membership included natch.

Nuff said.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Do You Remember the Time....

This is a BLAST from my past and a pleasant one,I might add.

I came across this page in VOGUE SPY  and did a double take:
The thick argyle cardi worn on the model above is a Vintage Ralph Lauren...and how do I know this?
I own one,the very same and I can even date it: 1980..the year I went to boarding school and my mother spent a fortune on my designer trousseau...I mean wardrobe!
I have never wanted to rid myself of it and despite the fact that I washed it last year and stupidly put in the dryer...I HAVE A WOOL CYCLE!
It's ok tho' not tip top but ok.

Nice to see that it can still command attention...in Vogue no less.

Now let us move our collective attention to the jeans worn by the very attractive lady on the right: Been there,did that and NEVER NEED TO DO IT AGAIN!!

Seriously! Are transfer jeans back in fashion? Didn't the Gods of Fashion have any ideas and sort of pulled it out of a hat...as a dare????

Urgh...at any age ...what goes around,doesn't need to come around ad nauseum.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Have You Been " Keeping Up With the Kardashians"?

I don't watch the show...I have tried to...but I find it excruciating and cringe worthy. So I content myself with reading the gossip here and there..and get my kicks from "Route Kardashian" when I am bored and it is raining outside.

I don't get Kim and her obsessive need to fit into the "Elite" fashion circle by dressing like David Banner while he is bursting into his alter ego The Hulk...all Kim's expensive clothes are either bursting open with bounteous,bronzed boobs on exquisite display or she is squeezed into turtle necks and tube skirts and looking like a tube of toothpaste....a beautiful one.

Which brings me to this point:
Kim says that "She has never felt sexier than when she became a mom" and Kanye's spouse....

Ahha,okayyyy....sure and why not? She is entitled to it after all and good on her.

So in that case I believe that the sentiment is contagious and has spread towards her step dad.....

Bruce Jenner: is definitely having a Renaissance moment...

He is channelling his inner or rather outer Cindy Crawford and going for gold!
I would suggest a less brassy colour for his long locks and a revitalising mask for his straggly ends.
The nail polish is  all wrong here...he needs to go a deeper darker red....

Glamour is as Glamour does after all.