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Thursday, 15 May 2014


You're selling? I'm buying!!...into the dream,the bathing suit and that bangin' body!!!

You will hear no arguments from me!.. Sex sells... whether it is wearing La Perla or 5o shades of grey.....

Like we need convincing!!....

Of Kors.....

I have never bought from Michael Kors, I find it looks better on celluloid than it does on the hanger  further more and to be precise... what I do buy into ....is the lifestyle he is selling in his photoshoots.

It is more than the clothes and the accessories...it is the arm candy all buff and tan...it is the private plane or yacht they are descending from .... the jetty leading to their private villa on a Caribbean island....everyone is healthy,sleek and tan and up to their smiling faces in the" joie de vivre" that comes with an expense account ...where no one is counting.

Look at this image and tell me that you wouldn't want to be her at this very moment.... But does anything stand out ?
Is your eye attracted to a particular item of clothing or accessory in this layout? Or are you taken by the whole image?... Lord knows everything on here has a Kors label on it...(excluding maybe the boat and the ocean) But what is attracting your attention,huh? 

Nothing stands out for me as an individual item that I must have from the Kors collection that I won't grab elsewhere, designer or not, and most probably a darn sight cheaper....but,having said that, I am attracted by the package it represents...the dream,the lifestyle.
Ralph Lauren has been and may still be, the reigning King of the "ensemble selling": the items and the lifestyle stand out and work individually and as a whole. 

So I shall continue to dream the Kors tanned dream that he is selling without breaking a sweat nor my bank balance.