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Sunday, 30 October 2011

What Goes Around ....Comes Around

I don't have any children...But! I have a cat...Loulou. Lame name but in fairness he was my BF's first and now he is my Big Fat baby.
I heard him in the kitchen scratching on the door to be let out :
"Loulou...LOULOU! Come here and sit with us a while...."
And it hit me like a freight train....my mom used to yell the same thing to us when we used to hang out in our rooms ,to be anywhere in the house except with the rents:
"REEM! LiiiiiNA!??? Where are you?"
One floor up, each one in her room...."Whatttt??"
"Why don' t you come and sit with us instead of in your rooms...."
OMG! I have become my mother!!!!

"..What goes around comes back around,my....my baby" BEYONCE