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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Falling in Love with the Fall Collection 2014

It may be summer outside,but in my heart it's....

Just got back from my London trip and I wanted no more to do with sandals, shorts or sunburn....
Fall is in the air in London and as the leaves turn crisp and brown, our attention is drawn immediately to what the designers and the highstreet has in store for us this fall....and it is very exciting!

First of all, let me draw your attention to the new Chanel ad campaign with Kristen Stewart starring in :
 "The Best Little Whorehouse on the Prairie"...
(sorry,I couldn't help myself...it had to be said....)

Last fall it was "Paris-Edimbourg"...this fall : it is Laura Ingalls petticoats and bucking broncos....
What must "Choupette" think of all of this? Hmmmm???

When I saw the Chanel handbags with the Star spangled banner...I had to turn my nose up and away to focus on the more classical styles...if you are going to pay that kind of money,you got to make it last.

Moving on to Giorgio Armani:

I have never had much to say about any Armani collection...it always left me thinking:
"blahhhh....Mehhhh and pffff"

But this fall it is :
" Hey!!...how about that and  Wow!!! I am loving this..."

See if you share my emotions:

Gone is the run of the mill approach that we have seen time and again with Giorgio Armani....this is a rather Jil Sander-esque version of some fun and beautifully tailored clothes with an injection of colour that sets it all off...that green is seriously sexy. 

And talking of an injection of colour: 
BURBERRY....is in BLOOM,my friends!

You "hear" the colours before you "see" them.....

This is a "Stand up and be Noticed" collection.....Christopher Bailey is simply going from strength to strength without ever having to stop for a dramatic pause...and why stop?
He is on a roll.