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Sunday, 23 September 2012

You're my First,my Best... my Carrot Cake.

I don't like to bake..the mess,the mixing,the amount of.. stuff you need!! To be followed by the ton and a half of cleaning ...not for me...
But...my beloved saw me tear out this recipe from an Easy Living magazine .... I had to at least try.

 Yes...there is a lot of prep to do...which I did while simultaneous preparing Tagliatelle Bolognaise...and yes! the bowls,instruments and utensils were piled sky high...but boy! it was well worth it and the mess: the best-ever carrot cake is simply that...The Best Ever.

..all this (and believe me I cleaned up some before taking these photos)...

For this:

For once in my "baking life"...everything turned out as it should :golden brown and not burnt, cooked through and not stodgy in the middle. I turned it on to the wire rack perfectly rather than have it fall shameless at my feet.
Perfect recipe for the perfect cake. 

Go ahead and try it: