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Friday, 24 August 2012

Taj Mahal me in the morning...and a Tale of the Unexpected.

I haven't seen my cousin M. for a long time now,so a massive catch up was well overdue. We sweated it out at an outdoor cafe,nursing iced teas and trying to control our excessive sweating.

She was telling me about her trip to India with her friend M.:
"Everyone was telling us that we must get a room over looking the Taj Mahal..because the view is  so beautiful when you get up in the morning."  
"Wow!" I exclaimed just a little jealous.
"Yeah...the next morning we awoke to FOG....which was practically the case every morning!!"
So much for a Room with a View.

M. was at a party in Jeddah when she struck up a conversation with a charming Italian gentleman who was there with his fiance :
" So have you been to Jeddah before?" asked M. politely.
"No,but I have spent a lot of time in Riyadh in the past" replied the Italian gentleman  amicably.
"Really?" asked M.ever the curious one. "What  business were you in?"
" I sold drugs" he replied nonchalantly.
Hiding her surprise at such a ballsy revelation she continued the conversation: "Yes...we do have a lot of problems with erm... drugs here...a lot of young people buying them....such a problem.."
"Oh, I didn't sell to any under age users" replied the somewhat blase Italian as he smiled and moved on. 
 M. beat a hasty retreat to regain some form of composure before spying her friend and host of the party and pulling her aside: 
"Are you Insane??! ...How could you invite a drug dealer to your party!!?"
"A what? Who!"
"That Italian guy over there..." as M. turned to locate him, he was looking  back at her with an almighty grin on his face.
"Oh for God's sake Mona!! He was messing with you!! Gullible much?"

Turns out Mr Italian is a respectable business man and a teller of tall tales.