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Monday, 13 February 2012

Book of the Month: The Homecoming of Samuel Lake by Jenny Wingfield

I read an awful lot of books and just as easily as some people shop at Net a porter, I let loose on Amazon, alot cheaper and a whole lot more satisfying. Books are my drug , just as fashion is my passion and good food a blessing.

Usually, whenever I finish a good book,I simply add it to my Book List...but I have come to the decision that some simply need an extra shout out:  "The Homecoming of Samuel Lake" by Jenny Wingfield is one such book.
If I could say one thing to the author it would be : Thank You

 "Meet Swan Lake, an 11 year old tomboy like no other. She's little. She's quick. And she's just what her brother dreams of being. Formidable"....but the cover jacket doesn't give the story enough credit because it is far,far more than that.

It is about faith and miracles,love and the honest word of man. But there is also laughter and rivalry and evil,pure,pure evil in the form of a hateful man.

I couldn't put this book down and when I did...I couldn't get back to it fast enough. There is something about wanting to devour a book in order to find out what will happen next and then being completely bereft when the book lies finished between your hands.

A must read, it'll warm your cockles during these cold winter nights and make your spirits soar.