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Friday, 25 November 2011

Intouchables - Bande Annonce Officielle [HD]

"INTOUCHABLE": French cinema at it's absolute best.
This film is loosely based on a true story and it will make you laugh until you cry, cry until you laugh and touch your very soul. I haven't had to blow my nose so many times during a movie since my sister and I saw Jackie Mason on Broadway and ended up having to halve my last Kleenex to wipe the tears,the make up and the odd runny nose.

This film should remain "Untouchable" by Hollywood because I fear that in the name of "Box Office" and "Blockbuster" it will be mangled and desensitized.
Francois Clunet whom I know from Harlen Coben's french movie rendition of "Tell No One" (even he went French when it came to making his hit book into a movie...!) is France's answer to Dustin Hoffman...see him smile,see him act and you'll agree wholeheartedly with me. Omar Sy who plays Idris his aid and saviour is so funny and so larger than life he fills the screen and all our hearts...watch him get down to "Boogie Wonderland" and your soul will fly and your feet will move to his beat.

A tour de force;this film screams "awards" and as many as you can throw at it.
GO SEE THIS FILM...it will make your heart soar .

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Pssst...I Have a Secret...and I'm telling Everyone!...

Ron Rizzo,the new name in innovative jewellery and his brand new:"Pleve" collection:

With Christmas around the corner and Santa’s wish list still lying empty on the kitchen counter, I suggest you pen this in and then underline it in red: Ron Rizzo and his magnificent“Pleve” collection .

These are exciting times especially when a creator can envisage a revolutionary method in diamond assembling or “diamond sculpting” as Ron calls it, without relying on the tried and tested traditional methods . What he has created and I am sharing here with you is a fresh and unique approach in hand sculpted jewellery.
We all need some Christmas cheer and Ron Rizzo ticks all the boxes .
Forget what you know, clear your mind of the classics,pour yourself a glass of chilled champagne and...Feast your eyes upon these:


We all love a little bling, especially around this time of year.... Anyone who says otherwise is lying to herself; this is the season to be jewelled and bedazzled. Waste it not,"Bah,Humbug's" go home and let the rest of us kick up our diamond heels.

Here’s a little about the artist and creator: Ron Rizzo.

He was born into the business where he was able to nourish his passion for jewellery making within the folds of his family’s business. He attended F.I.T and the Gemological Institute of America and went on to receive the accolades from his peers such as the prestigious DeBeers award amongst others.
 “Pleve” (pronounced a la fran├žaise) is a brand new line of unique and innovative jewellery which cannot be found in stores ...Yet!
Ron Rizzo's other designs have been sold in Henri Bendel, Saks as well as Neiman Marcus in the US. What makes this method stand out from the rest is its uniqueness...these pieces cannot be duplicated, this method has never been seen before, in fact there is a patent pending on this process.
Check out the process and the artist at work:


With the success of his wholesale business under his belt, Ron has moved onwards and upwards, opening his own retail boutique and studio in Long Island, NY.

62, Glen cove Road, East Hills NY 11577. Tel :( 515)484 0030

And you thought you didn’t have any ideas for gifts....!

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Is this a Man's World?

Cue Keira Knightly clad in a  tight fitting leather onesy riding on a motorcycle while Joss Stone bleats out "This is a ma-ya-yans world..."for Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle. Keira is gorgeous and I am sure Jeremy Clarkson concurs despite the rather unglamorous description he made of her on Top Gear as being"a head on an ironing board"... I shamefully laughed at his rather crude description...but I am only human. Some men will find her sexy others not...this is a man's world after all....or is it?

Has fashion dictated a trend this season that will turn things on their head with the new androgynous trend of women shod in men's shoes or is it an empty promise of things to come? Why make a mockery of women who work hard in a world run fundamentally on man's ideologies by making them literally step into their shoes? Any takers on that trend...please raise your hand! Any God fearing fashion forward woman who wants to cling  to one ounce of her feminine wiles will be squirming at the mere sight of Stella McCartney and Celine's idea of a fashion trend: a man's shoe for a woman.

Hello? Shoe meet Hideous...because that is what they are,hideous :a travesty of good taste and common sense.I get brogues,I got brogues!...flat heel,high heel...love 'em. Doc Martens what the hell but these...these look like the shoes Saudi men used to wear back in the day to look chic. I should know,I grew up around some of these men,thankfully Dad stayed clear. If they see these same shoes on their women...it is grounds for divorce.

I get woman dressed in a suit ,I not only love the look but applaud it : I wore out an Et Vous  cream pinstriped trouser suit back in the 90s while working as a sales girl at Blanc Bleu,Juan les Pins...a demeaning job run by a ruffian but I had something to prove to mysef. I would alternate wearing it with a tank top, suspenders and high tops (gaining the unwanted attention of the lesbian girlfriend of the girl who worked next door in Reminiscence)then switch to high heels and we would get this party started. 
On that same note, I have more than once embraced the perenial YSL inspired tuxedo for women at weddings when every other woman was in a dress be it long or short. Anyone at Mo and Moncy's wedding on the Cap d'Antibes will remember me wearing  a white linen Claude Montana tux. High heels,makeup and a sexy updo and who wouldn't pull it off? Someone who would take the trend too far and add Stella's or Phoebe's shoes. 

*SEPT.2011 UK ELLE:STELLA McCARTNEY £550....and they are not even leather!*
 The common denomenator here is the word "woman" and then what the look inspires in men and other women :"sexy,appealing,inspiring..." And there lies the crux, take away any one of those adjectives and you will remove femininity and what differenciates us from men. This is a "Mad Men" world, a "Pan Am" world,these tv shows that occupy our screens say it all: women work in men's worlds and ooze sex appeal even at 30,00 feet.
This is a fashion trend that seriously is left wanting and forget wanting to appeal to a man...because no man will come within a 10 mile radius of you wearing these shoes. You may appeal to women if you are so enclined and there is nothing wrong with that but we are talking fashion here and not Match.com...we all dress to appeal to someone other than ourselves even on our lowest days and this trend of fugly shoes has me flumoxed. Thankfully I have not seen anyone following this trend while last in London (in Cannes women are still perplexed by a squoval toe , a man's shoe will push them over the edge)but almost wish I had, just to see the beast out in the open. Will it be attacked or will it be followed?

Alpha male or alpha female...you pick your side. I have my alpha male who wears his shoes with pride and doesn't covet mine,thank God.
 I am woman hear me roarrrr!


Thursday, 17 November 2011

"P" is for "Barty" and other nonsense

Russel Peter in Lebanon: I have never heard of this comedian but when I was sent this by my sister I was nodding and laughing..."He gets it !"

There is no "P" in the arabic alphabet and "the broof was in the budding" way back when I was a kid and I would hear one of my uncle's say: he was travelling to "Baris".
"Make sure you have a barachute"!

I had to call up a store yesterday and identify myself:
"Bonjour! I'm calling to see whether you have sold the brass bed I left with you?"
"Can I have your name..."
" Adeeb....A.D double E..." and he interrupts
"Slow down please. A.D.."
"E.E. B...for Bernard."
"Reem Adeeb..."
"Yes,that's me."
"You said your name was Bernard!"
Pfffffff....."Give me an A...."!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A Spanner in the Works....

Just after having taken my car for a service at my local garage and being told that all was "good under the hood..." my BF and I were more than a little surprised when black smoke started to pour out of the exhaust like a smoke screen from the Batmobile. It got so bad that passersby were covered in the stuff as we idled by traffic lights and we were too embarrassed to look anyone in the eye.  A couple of phone calls later and a lunch that was not so much appreciated but merely ingested and we were back at the garage with the little chap who had serviced the car the day before.
This is a peculiar little man with a raucous laugh due to one too many cigarettes and a sense of humour that I just don't get...luckily my BF does so I let him handle it. The problem was solved in no time whatsoever once he had driven the car full throttle, covering part of the landscape in black smoke and then popping his head under the hood....he had failed to tightened the "what not" on the radiator. I was relieved but not surprised. A year and half ago I was there with the same little chap who was once again looking under the hood, when all of a sudden I heard:
"What on earth?...." My heart sank as I could see a simple oil check turn into a complete overhaul and kissing goodbye any chance of buying myself a "little some'tin some'tin"nice...
"Is that my screw driver? I've been looking for that for ages!"
Should have gone to Spec Savers....

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Talking about Beyonce....

I heard a while back on some entertainment show or another(E!) that Beyonce's latest album "4" hadn't done well in the album charts....until she announced that she was pregnant..... So people started thinking what?: " Poor love, she's preggers now and will have a mouth to feed?"
Seriously what is the thought process behind that?
I love Beyonce but of late her songs are so fired up, her music clips are so intense:what with insane dance moves,insane wardrobe and make up that not only pops! but startles...that you need to pop a few Advils just to get over the sensory overload.