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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Falling in Love with the Fall Collection 2014

It may be summer outside,but in my heart it's....

Just got back from my London trip and I wanted no more to do with sandals, shorts or sunburn....
Fall is in the air in London and as the leaves turn crisp and brown, our attention is drawn immediately to what the designers and the highstreet has in store for us this fall....and it is very exciting!

First of all, let me draw your attention to the new Chanel ad campaign with Kristen Stewart starring in :
 "The Best Little Whorehouse on the Prairie"...
(sorry,I couldn't help myself...it had to be said....)

Last fall it was "Paris-Edimbourg"...this fall : it is Laura Ingalls petticoats and bucking broncos....
What must "Choupette" think of all of this? Hmmmm???

When I saw the Chanel handbags with the Star spangled banner...I had to turn my nose up and away to focus on the more classical styles...if you are going to pay that kind of money,you got to make it last.

Moving on to Giorgio Armani:

I have never had much to say about any Armani collection...it always left me thinking:
"blahhhh....Mehhhh and pffff"

But this fall it is :
" Hey!!...how about that and  Wow!!! I am loving this..."

See if you share my emotions:

Gone is the run of the mill approach that we have seen time and again with Giorgio Armani....this is a rather Jil Sander-esque version of some fun and beautifully tailored clothes with an injection of colour that sets it all off...that green is seriously sexy. 

And talking of an injection of colour: 
BURBERRY....is in BLOOM,my friends!

You "hear" the colours before you "see" them.....

This is a "Stand up and be Noticed" collection.....Christopher Bailey is simply going from strength to strength without ever having to stop for a dramatic pause...and why stop?
He is on a roll.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Sublimely .....Ridiculous!!! Lena Dunham

So picture this :the 2014 Emmys....and everyone is dressed to the nines....hoping to get a 10 out of 10....
.... And then there is : Lena Dunham....
What she hopes to get out of this fiasco is beyond me and by the looks of things...even her.

Take a look for yourselves:

Baring in mind that the ombre,tulle skirt is by Gianbattista Valli.....and the slouch, pure Lena Dunham....
This is one hot mess and Joan Rivers must be having a field day on "Fashion Police".
Stylists have been fired for less!
Urgh...Frumpy, Dumpy and Lumpy!!
And these are not 3 of Snow Whites' seven dwarves!!!

The poor girl is grinning and the powers that be are grinding her to shreds...she apparently made all the " worst dressed lists".... Erm.....Obviously!!!
She has been likened to a human " piñata " ....which just about covers it. 
Enough said...

One last point....Lena Lena Lena ....blondes may have more fun,but the laughs are on you ....get thee to a hairdresser!!!! Pronto!!!

Monday, 11 August 2014


Start waving "bye bye" to this:

And say "Hellooooo" to these pre-fall looks that will help to ease you into your wardrobe transition journey:



More later......

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Christian Louboutin Nails it.....

"It's not about the money,money,money...."sang Jessie J. on her song "Price Tag"..

Well at $50 a bottle ...one has to ask oneself....

So here's the news: Christian Louboutin has launched his signature nail polish:
"ROUGE LOUBOUTIN"...natch... with a full range of colours launching on the 31st of Aug.
There will be 30 hues in 3 different categories:
Pops/Nudes and Noirs.

The cap measures 8inchs,the same length of the heel on the 
Louboutin Ballerina Ultima shoes he collaborated on with David Lynch....check out the launch video:

 It is one of the more expensive nail lacquers on the market at present..but still cheaper than a pair of Loubous. 
Only difference is: once the polish is on your nails,will anyone really tell it apart from an Essie or OPI...? Whereas wearing a pair...it's like waving a red flag at a bull...literally!

Sexy nail polish ...priceless
At present available online and at Saks and Sephora USA.

Just don't poke your eyes out...and don't put in in your hand luggage when travelling!....

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Blurred Lines....

You know you want it.....
Just got to have it.....

But where do the lines blurr when it comes to must haves?

I have Longchamp's (very practical when travelling)"Le Pliage"bag...it was a Xmas gift from "The Coach"(my BF). Doesn't matter that I went online at: longchamp.com... to customise it myself before he purchased it....What does matter is that you can!

Now this is where the line starts to blurr.....in fact my vision is getting kinda fuzzy:
Chanel's "Premiere Triple row" watch/belt......
Anyone seriously considering this...take a rain check and a Xanax...for those that can wrap this around their wrist...x3 and pay £3,350 for that privilege....be my guest.

I love me some Havaianas flip flops,in fact I have 3 pairs now and have always supplemented my summer wardrobe with these colourful,comfy must haves.
Did I know that there was a collaboration between Valentino and Havaianas?
Do I like them?
Would I pay: £175 for a pair?

Tempting my friends,really tempting....

Monday, 21 July 2014

The Dad Hatter and James Garner....

When we were kids we would love to watch: " The Rockford Files"on television with my parents ...Now this may be ancient for some, never heard of for others...but for the TV fanatics of my generation ;you will remember this much loved detective series starring the wonderful; James Garner .

Dad loved his wit,his charm that rivalled well,maybe his own ....and enjoyed James Garner as an actor tremendously, so it was a relief to know that:
a) he remembered who he was and
b)....he had a comment about him.....

Go on, read all about it on:
 "The Chronicles of The Dad Hatter...." a click away to your left...

It's Monday...we all need a caffeine and Dad Hatter kickstart to the day! 

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Mirror, Mirror.......

Remember the nineties...or was it even the eighties?... when we rocked mirror sunglasses:Raybans,Cutler & Gross....whatever we got our hands on.

We never took them off, pretended we were extras on Miami Vice and walked into a lot of furniture....
But we were COOL and looked kinda stupid at sundown....

Guess what?
They are ba-ackkkk!!!

And I managed to get my hands on one of the featured pair in this UK Elle line up: The green acetate Le Specs....light as a feather,no one here has them and they have probably burned holes in my retinas...did I mention they are only £35 ?
What we still wouldn't do .....