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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

New Eateries in Chelsea,London.

L'Eto has now opened it's doors in Belgravia at :10 West Halkin Street, a stone's throw from Waitrose.

What a pleasure it is to have another eaterie in that corner of Belgravia and I can tell you from what I saw on display ...the food looked divine.

L'Eto first opened in Soho back in February 2011 and not only serves up gorgeous pastries but does serve light lunch in the form of amazing looking salads.

I haven't tried it yet....but the pleasure was in the looking and salivating.... for now.

Colbert has opened on Sloane Square....taking the place of the once eponymous Oriel where it was trendy to meet and hang out back in my day. It soon became a tired watering hole that seemed to hang on for posterity's sake in the end. Obviously the grip loosened and it has now been replaced rather grandiously by this lovely brasserie.

We did attempt lunch there but the Asian lady at reception had a cold...thereby deciding that on that particular Saturday she would literally give us a frigid greeting followed by the cold shoulder.

Reserve! Walk ins may be greeted with attitude....