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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Heard it On the Radio...

Backhanded compliment:

Girl walking dog in the park comes across a guy who says:

"Hey! You look hot!"

"Thanks!" replies the girl ...only to realise he was talking to her dog when he proceeded to give him some water.

Special Requests:

Rihanna :all the furniture to be draped in "light blue chiffon"....
Madonna : 20 international phone lines...."to be able to adopt more children worldwide in between performances"...
Mariah Carey : has a special attendant on hand to dispose of her chewing gum and she has been seen (by radio host) tottering a few steps in her heels before lifting both her arms in the air so that 2 burly chaps can lift her the rest of the way....

Pratty Behaviour:

Rihanna was Boo'ed in Boston after arriving 3 hours late for her performance...the one she had previously cancelled due to laryngitis.... I guess she definitely  is a " Bieliber".

On a final note:

 Tom Cruise agrees to a 5th. instalment of Mission Impossible reprising his role as Ethan Hunt...wise decision:...his last couple of films tanked.