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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Lunch in Alassio,Italy

The benefits of living on the Riviera is that you can drive to Italy...and be in Alassio in an hour and a half ... just in time to walk along the sea front towards the  cobbled pedestrian streets to window shop before lunch. One thing to note: shops close for lunch around 12.30/1.00pm and do not reopen before 3.30pm ...so try and get there in time and not as they close their doors. If not get there for a longgggg lunch...I recommend " Sail Inn",via Vittorio Veneto and in the heart of where it is at. Food delicious, a true culinary delight for the eyes and the stomachs but menus in Italian only. So if you understand a word here and there or are up for an adventure:wing it, you won't be disappointed. Then you can have your espresso just in time for the re opening of the boutiques and the Saturday passagiata crowds.

*My BF admiring customized Piagio motor cycles*


A divine selection of sorbets and ice creams on a stick, a must after lunch dessert or simply an afternoon treat. A MUST!

* Seagull chillaxing....*

Perfect Saturday.