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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Don't Shop till You Get Enough...in New York.

So in previous posts I mentioned The Muse Hotel,restaurants and even shared my holiday snap shots...but what of shopping in New York.

Once Upon a Time...shopping in New York was all about : the frenzy! Bloomingdales had hidden treasures only you as the visitor could unearth and the shopping streets were truly paved with golden fashion opportunities....but now?....Not so much.
New York has now also become the victim of :"Everything you can do...I can do better" attitude that London has adopted. All the big US brands are in London and even the ones you could only buy in the States...and the States has now done the same.

Reiss, All Saints have gone Stateside and swamped the market...even bloody Ted Baker is opening on 5th Ave! Just walk around the revamped fashion halls of Bloomingdales's... the British are ever present and frankly,I was bereft and felt like I was in Selfridges. And the same applies to London now: I counted 2 Coach stores, 1 Kate Spade, Club Monaco @HN, my beloved JCrew available on Netaporter and... Rag and Bone soon opening on Sloane Square. Don't even get me started on A&F...

I only want to buy in New York what I can't find in London and frankly...it is getting harder.
So this is why JOE FRESH...is simply that, a breath of fresh air right on 5th Ave....and it is larger than life :
So who is Joe Fresh?
It is the creation of Joe Mimran (Club Monaco) and only available in the States and Canada...YEAY!!!
It was launched in 2006 and was available in certain supermarkets!!! EEK
The fabulous flagship store opened this spring 2012 on 5th Ave. New York and it caught my eye as soon as I walked past it.
At the opening event,Mayor Bloomberg announced that Joe Fresh was:..."the greatest Canadian export since Justin Bieber..." Steady On , Mayor..no need to put us off!

So the clothes:it is a stylish,super affordable brand with bright colours that pop out from the sleek white decor. The shop is spacious and minimalist in order to let the main event:the clothes stand to attention...and believe me they commanded mine from the minute my eyes came to rest on the shop front.
To be honest,I didn't know what to expect with a name like Joe Fresh in orange juice colours...it is COS's brash and bold Stateside cousin with great styles in all sizes for men,women and kids. 

I bought an Equipment style silk shirt in "blush" for 29.99$ and a sleeveless one with orange trim (check out the website) for my sister for a fraction less and less is definitly more at Joe Fresh...more for your buck and that is what makes holiday shopping the best part of your holiday...that special find that everyone is going to ask you about and no one will be able to buy...unless of course they visit New York.