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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Just an Illusion....

Dad needed a new keyring, his last one was inadvertently thrown away ;keys and all...not that he knows that...YET.
I found the perfect one at Mont Blanc on Sloane Street: stainless steel,"pull out and pivot" ring and a black embossed leather strap. He's going to love it...maybe a little less when I tell him that he paid for it.
 I digress.....

The sales girl went to get the box for it as I waited by the till.
When she brought this out I exclaimed with glee:

 " Wow! Does it come with a watch!??"
"No! I'm afraid not..." she replied laughing. "But it is guaranteed for 2 years"...

Well that makes up for it then....
Keyring: £100 by Mont Blanc.