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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Boogie Wanders-land: The Andaz, Amsterdam

This is the reception taken from the bar/tearoom/ hotspot in Amsterdam...Have you ever seen such magnificence?

Let me show you some more:

This was taken from the elevator....take a good look at the wallpaper....pure genius.

So before I bombard you with more images,let us take a minute to chat:
I was whisked off by my sister for a "Gals Getaway" to beautiful Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago and we stayed in this former public library: The Andaz on the Prisengracht.
It is in the heart of town and the Prisengracht is it's beating pulse along of course, with the other "grachts"...Heren and Kiesen.

Who would not want a view on the canals when in Amsterdam and a view we got:

...along with some mind boggling decor by Marcel Wanders....I am a HUGE FAN! What he did in this hotel makes the Andaz New York seem faded and worn (and I stayed there a couple of years ago) as well as outranking it in the service and hospitality department tenfold and Lord knows how the Americans pride themselves on that.

Behind that glass door is the shower, the sink is in the room but part of such clever design that you want to wash your hands constantly because it is a marvel and a pleasure.

Funky but fun and refreshing and clean...the whimsy was certainly not lost on me:

This lil piggie is part of a wall panel with many other animals...who would want to go to market when they can stay here ...at The Andaz and be part of this amazing trip.

This wallpaper is in the toilet and will provide you endless hours of reading material as it tells the tale of Amsterdam in sections ...you may never leave,but leave you must or carry your haemorrhoid's in your back pocket.

I truly felt like Alice in Wandersland...enchanted,beguiled and embraced.

The ride up and down the glass elevator was worth every trip:

Seen enough? Come Boogie with me in Wanders-Land...it is worth the trip alone to stay in this hotel, to eat in the gorgeous restaurant and to ride in the elevator and stare at it all in wonder.

I shall leave you with my final image: me grinning from ear to ear like the Cheshire Cat.