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Monday, 21 January 2013

Livin’ La Vida Local....

Something about living the village life has me wanting to wear thick woolly socks and the fluffiest Uggs around...in fact it has me wanting to put zero effort in the wardrobe dept. and embrace a mild form of Mother earth-ness. Why bother? No one can see me, I can’t make an entrance....and quite frankly I feel so far removed from London,Paris and New York that it feels ridiculous wearing anything other than good solid basics. 
"Nooooo!" cried my sister." You write about fashion and trends ...come back to the light!"

The elements have been harsh,we have had ice and snow,followed by 2 days of unrelenting rain. My Mous have been my best friend as have been a pair of skinny khaki cords from a bigone age of H&M that kept me sane and grounded with their trendy appeal. My mom’s old Barbara Bui sheepskin coat, that is more bear than sheep,topped the lot and enveloped me in its comforting arms making me feel safe and warm during the harsh weather and this sudden descent into momentary madness.

So where does that leave me today? The rain has left, the day is poking its head around the trees that cover this house in this valley in Valbonne...Sweats....yes sweats and my fluo Nike trainers that has them all atizz in this neck of the woods... As we have been living the bumpkin life we have taken to eating like them too.
So to the gym I go and pronto ...to step back into my prior life that I seem to have left behind when we moved....may I find my waist,my way and leave behind my 50 shades of greige...

More on that and Livin' La Vida Local soon...