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Friday, 28 September 2012


The latest offering from the House of Chanel: COCO NOIR.
A seductive and heady mix,this fragrance had me at Indonesian Patchouli...and the promise that the  slick salesman at Terminal 5 would make it his mission to get 15%off the listed price...even if the offer was no longer available.
Top notes of Grapefruit and Bergamot accentuate the floral accord,then comes Rose, Jasmine and my favourite : Indonesian Patchouli and Sandalwood,that give the fragrance the warmth.
Am waiting for a dip in temperature so that I can spritz this heady mix ...until then No. 22 from Chanel does nicely as does Kiehl's Musk.

                                     "I don't do Fashion. I am Fashion" Coco Chanel

..If You Go Down to the Woods Today...




Sunday, 23 September 2012

You're my First,my Best... my Carrot Cake.

I don't like to bake..the mess,the mixing,the amount of.. stuff you need!! To be followed by the ton and a half of cleaning ...not for me...
But...my beloved saw me tear out this recipe from an Easy Living magazine .... I had to at least try.

 Yes...there is a lot of prep to do...which I did while simultaneous preparing Tagliatelle Bolognaise...and yes! the bowls,instruments and utensils were piled sky high...but boy! it was well worth it and the mess: the best-ever carrot cake is simply that...The Best Ever.

..all this (and believe me I cleaned up some before taking these photos)...

For this:

For once in my "baking life"...everything turned out as it should :golden brown and not burnt, cooked through and not stodgy in the middle. I turned it on to the wire rack perfectly rather than have it fall shameless at my feet.
Perfect recipe for the perfect cake. 

Go ahead and try it:

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Annecy:The sights...the views...the fondue.

So you have seen the hotel resort we stayed in....
now here are the sights:








There's No Place Like...Tresoms,Annecy.

Summer has seamlessly slipped into fall here and I have yet to share my fabulous weekend at the "Picture Postcard Perfect": Les Tresoms, Lake and Spa Resort on the Lake of Annecy.

It is perched on high with a breathtaking view of the lake and mountains and tucked within the folds of a lush forest.

This stay was a Xmas gift from my sister and her husband and one we were embracing as an opportunity to get away from the crowds ,heat and unrelenting mosquito's. We were given a ground floor room which is never something I accept...but once we walked in and saw the view from of the open window onto the lawn and then further, to the lake and mountain we sank on to the bed and sighed.


Go for the spa...go for the activities ....Sports fanatics unit for all sorts of great daily escapades and then sink into the pool  and enjoy the spa facilities at your finger tips. There are 2 restaurants:La Rotonde, a gastronomic delight or La Coupole ,the brasserie and breakfast room. 
We enjoyed our gastronomic dinner but...it simply lasted too long when the wait for dessert was interminable . We tried to leave and pay the bill unsuccessfully: .."just as you try to leave...they pulled us back in..."with chocolate....those philistines!
There was a little too much liberal use of flowers and gold leaf in the dishes for our taste and we had a hard time swallowing a rare piece of langoustine...but all in all a truly lovely culinary experience.


Great room, fantastic bathroom with the biggest shower I have ever seen and believe me when I tell you how much I enjoyed using it and looking out at the distant mountain top. Heaven.

Breakfast is large and generous with everything you can think of and more, beautifully and artfully arranged all around "The Coupole" using props such as an old wooden sledge.We haven't been this spoilt for choice since our last stay at The Pulitzer in Amsterdam and breakfast there is legendary.

Staff are super friendly and more importantly,very accommodating.
We had a fabulous time and we have Les Tresoms to thank for it...a must stay.

Les Tresoms:Lake and Spa Resort
3,boulevard de la corniche-74000 Annecy
T.(0033)4 50 51 43 84

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Shoes of Prey collaboration with Gretchen Jones @ New York fashion week.

Winner of Project Runway season 8: planet conscious Gretchen Jones has gone on to create her 70s Americana inspired ready to wear collections with great success as well as launching her own jewellery line. The Brooklyn-based designer has joined forces with the online shoe company “Shoes of Prey” for spring/summer 2013 designing a fun and versatile collection revealed during New York fashion week. The collaboration combines the sturdy appeal of a wooden wedge with the flexibility and comfort of soft leather and suede in three snappy colour combinations: fuschia/tobacco, cream/tobacco and black. This look encapsulates the hippy chick look that we all crave and yearn for once the sun starts to shine and the birds start to chirp. I know it is hard to yearn for next spring/summer 2013 wardrobe especially when we have barely scraped the surface of our new winter wardrobe...but such is the wonderful world of fashion...it keeps you on your designer shod toes.

A little about “Shoes of Prey”: this is the first online company in the world that offers you an opportunity to not only design your dream shoe but also the possibility of choosing from millions of design combinations in a myriad of colours and materials that can take you from silk to snakeskin . You can unleash your inner Manolo or Loubou by designing your own ballet flats,two tone wedges,up to a slinky 6 inch heel number from prices starting at £100.You can choose from different widths and up to a ladies European 49. And...If that wasn’t choice enough, if the pair doesn’t fit properly...Shoes of Prey will make you a new pair without hesitation.

An absolute must for every budding shoe designer who wants to stand out from the fashion forward crowd in her very own, one of a kind pair of shoes....of Prey!


Saturday, 8 September 2012

Love Through Thick and Thin...

Couples that play together,stay together....My award for "Elderly Kooples" goes to this lovely elderly couple we met while walking in the Valmasque woods.

They both were wearing flat caps, chinos,short sleeve shirts and trainers...so totally in wardrobe sync like the Beckhams used to be !...remember them both in Gucci leather?!!
No? Better not.

Friday, 7 September 2012

"La Guerite" :Paradise found on the Isle Sainte Marguerite-Cannes

September may be upon us but summer is no where near over here...yet!
What us locals can now enjoy are the very pleasures that had our summer guest occupied during the height of the season. 

"La Guerite"is a restaurant/beach/haven across the bay from the Palm Beach on the lovely lush island of Sainte Marguerite (which is part of the Isles de Lerins).

The castle that looms overhead is the very one that housed the "Man in the Iron mask" but there is no sign of malevolence on this quiet,dreamy island. It is all white sand, laid back vibe and some fine food and wine.
And as the sign  indicates:...you are miles away from trouble and strife.

All the negative vibes, body issues and those pesky mozzies....are to be left on the wayside...La Guerite will sooth your soul, nourish your belly and calm your frazzled nerves.
The food is excellent only exceeded by the service which is hands on.

You can only access this little piece of paradise by boat, La Guerite actually runs a pick up service that can pick you up from the port. Call in advance ...it is well worth the short ride.

"La Guerite": Ile Sainte Marguerite- Cannes