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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

A Conde Nast Tragedy: The end of Easy Living....

Every month I buy 6 magazines...religiously and without fail: Vogue, Elle, Red, Glamour, Marie Claire and Easy Living.

Today I found out from my local newsagent that Easy Living will no longer be published....I am bereft.

Easy Living was ...Easy Reading.....Easy Cooking...Easy Shopping.... but unfortunately Conde Nast had to pull the plug after 8 years ,it simply didn't make the figures and it was allowed to go peacefully in its sleep.
Well, at least it made it to it's 100th issue with Michelle Obama gracing their cover. That is one way to go out.

So.... What will the publishers of Vogue and Glamour pull out of their colossal hat?....Is there to be a new lifestyle magazine .....Hmmm?