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Saturday, 16 March 2013

La Cambuse in Nice:Perfect service for lacklustre food

We just came back from Nice and lunch in the sun at "La Cambuse " but we were deeply disappointed especially when the service was perfect and the staff friendly...The food was quite simply :average.

The location is ideal,slap bang in the centre of Le Cours Saleya and with tables right there in the sun...Purrr-fect.
But the food simply wasn't : "les petits farcis nicois' "stuffing mix had some fatty bits that put me right off(nothing like trusting your stuffing only to bite into a piece of unyielding grisle...Urgh!) 
On to the risotto dish(the only one on the menu...)..so you think: 
"This should be good!"... But it wasn't.
First of all it came in something the size of a bathroom sink with a packet of rice used for each. The Gambas was over cooked and the Saint Jacques too...as they had no taste. I couldn't say they were good...I couldn't say they were bad..they simply were.
I hate giving bad reviews especially to restaurants who greeted us and served us with smiles but when the 2 elderly"Nicois" gentleman who sat beside us  didn't enjoy their food either...(one left his sardines uneaten while his companion asked the lady beside him if she enjoyed her food as they didn't...)..it clearly wasn't just us.

Enough said...maybe they were having a "bad food day" and things will be better tomorrow...or Monday...or next month. As for us...we'll try some place else.

Now back to the elderly gentleman who came and sat beside us:
As one of them tried to side step along the table to sit down opposite his friend,he knocked over the glass ashtray that was on our table and it smashed to pieces on the floor...right in front of our dog. I switched places with my partner in order to get Titan out of harms way and to let the waiter sweep it all up. As I sat down beside the lovely gentleman he says to his friend:

"There's a glass smashed on the floor..."

"It wasn't a glass,but an ashtray.." I say to him not knowing if he is pulling my leg or genuinely in the dark that he was the culprit to this mini mayhem.

"You shouldn't be smoking in public my dear....do it at home" he replies smiling.

" It was you who broke the ashtray!!" says his friend. "Everywhere we go...You have to smash something!"

"Yes I do!" was the lovely man's reply.

And then they proceeded not to enjoy their food either.