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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Champagne Breakfast & "Paloma" or Bust...

Another wet weekend,but it didn't ruin our plans: Saturday was a ladies only "Champagne Breakfast": mimosas for everyone!
Apparently a couple of husbands couldn't quite grasp this concept and were quite undone:
"Women only? Why? What are you going to do?" As if naked waiters would be circulating drinks while we pole danced for them! Seriously ?
For starters...we 'll get a word in then.... we'll drink, eat , kick back and talk, laugh, hell...even cuss a little,then drink and laugh some more.
 Then we can come home and do laundry....
Actually to be fair my BF simply said:" Have a good time and Reem?...Don't come home drunk..."

Thank you Karen...a perfect hostess and a lovely gathering.

 Sunday rolled in as did the clouds and thwarted our well layed plans to go boating and lunching on "Anjuna beach". Once the storm died down, we reconfigurated and went ahead with lunch via road and traffic. 
Our destination: St. Jean Cap Ferrat and the vertiginous walk down to "Paloma Beach".
Two couples convoyed through the winding roads from Nice and the busy Promenade d'Anglais while the third very astute couple (my sister and her husband) came from Monaco via motorcycle .If you are familiar with this neck of the woods take my advice :do not go via Nice...you will spend an inordinate amount of time stuck on the Promenade while chewing on your cuticles and wishing to God there was an alternate route to the Cap Ferrat( There is!)... other than meandering through the gorgeous and scenic Villefranche before missing the turn 3 times....to the small,glamorous St. Jean.

*My foot on the ghost peddle,urging us on...*
Take the highway, exit at Monaco then make your way via Cap D'ail and the Moyenne corniche...you will thank me for it.You will also thank me for warning you that the steps down to the beach are steep and long, the people are a plenty and no one wants to see you hurtling down at breakneck speed because you insisted on wearing plateforms.
 The heat was taxing, once we got over the drive but the Mojitos....divine.

Paloma beach does not take reservations for the restaurant...but we chilled with pre lunch  drinks until our beeper went off ...( you are given beepers while you wait for your table and we didn't have to wait long). The service was prompt and efficient: we were never ignored, snapped at or left without food or wine.
The waiters are professional and friendly,the food is good,clean Mediterranean fayre: I recommend the  artichoke and parmesan salad as well as the fresh fish : the Saint Pierre en papillote was delicious.

*MY BF looking like the cat who got the Chablis premier Crus...*
NB: Beach toilets are usually the bane of my life especially come mid day...but here it is maned by a delightful lady who swabs the decks each time someone comes out of the toilets. Spotless.

*The pebble beach from on high and the clear waters*