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Friday, 27 April 2012

Going For Brogue....

Prada did it  and so did Pollini ...The Brogue is back in force sista'!... And I can walk for miles in them.

Yes, they are mannish looking...They are brogues.
Yes, my BF hates them...They are brogues! (Although he has generously conceded that they aren't that bad).
And Yes, they are part and parcel of fashion footwear that is simply timeless.
There is nothing sexier than a woman in man's clothing and has long as you aren't literally wearing your man's clothes and looking like a bag lady...run with it. Fashion embraces all trends,it is all down to what you pair it with.

The blush colour is perfect for this summers colour palette of pastel hues and goes handsomely with my Zadig and Voltaire "Rorschach" skull T shirt....I see a skull...you may see a butterfly....that is the beauty of Rorschach.

Looking back ...I seem to have my finger firmly on the "Liberace"pulse...BUT! A trend is a trend is a trend.... my mom made sure of that.....

....Whether we liked it or not!
                                                                     Girl Power!