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Thursday, 13 December 2012

What's in a Name....?

Thanks to an overrated reality show on British TV...my name has been propelled into the limelight and is now very much a "noun"....

Thanks to TOWIE:The Only Way Is Essex..."Reem": a middle eastern name that means little gazelle has had a makeover and has been liberally used by Joey Essex to describe an:

" incredibly sexy and physically talented individualA “reem” is always envied and desired by others who are not able to reach “reem status”

Luckily it means THAT to him...imagine if it meant something truly hideous.Still,the whole thing makes me roll my eyes and quite frankly...I never gave it a second thought
..... until......

I was in "Office" a shoe shop chain in King's road trying on a pair of Nike High Dunk's...which they didn't have in the colour I wanted.

"Would you like me to ring round to one of our other shops?..."
"Yes please."
And he located a pair in Selfridges:
"Can I have your name please?"

He cocked his head to one side and a bizarre grin appeared on his lips...as though to say:"You are joking?!"...And then it hit me,like a skillet to the head...that bloody TV show has its followers right here.

"Yessss..that is my name:REEM! Would you like to see some ID as proof?"
"Wow, how funny..." he replied stifling a giggle.
"Only to you" I whispered. "Go On!! Look at my Passport for the hell of it!!"I added for effect.

Not that it would have made a blind bit of difference to this young,pimply individual at Office...I had just made his day and everybody else's who happened to answer his phone calls.