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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Pictures Paint a Thousand Words: Florence 3

SSSSHHHH! ....no words.....just pictures......

from the Uffizi.....outdoor terrace


 Now for the relaxing,undulating hills of Tuscany...at La Gigliola.....

....this estate:which comprises vineyards and olive trees and rooms with many gorgeous views is run by and belongs to the ever smiling,ever delightful Anna Piazzini and family.
This is a place of quiet contemplation, a 30mns drive from central Florence via the highway and far enough to be serene yet close enough to be in the scene...if you get what I mean!...

There are rooms and suites to stay in and around the restored farmhouse and a rather grandiose villa that sleeps 7 couples with a walk in fireplace,billiard table...a country style kitchen that begs to be used and plenty of grounds to walk around in with pools and tennis courts.

For wine buffs....The Camporsoli  is a full bodied, velvety smooth red wine
                              The Campoleo, a merlot like none I have had in a long while...
                              The Villa Milani Chianti is both playful and refreshing...and 
                              The Gigliolino Bianco is fresh and crisp as a summer's day

We should know! We bought 18 bottles of wine and a gorgeous bottle of their extra virgin olive oil......

Charcuteria anyone? I'll get the wine!

For in depth information on La Gigliola...do go to their website:http://www.lagigliola.it/en/