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Monday, 4 February 2013

How to get your kid to eat his veggies...

We were invited to a "friendly drinks" evening  on Saturday night that started rather early...
when we showed up around 7.30pm the rest of the guests were doused , soused and sated with one rather entertaining guest running in and out demanding to listen to Gangnam style before dashing off again to puff merrily on her spliff...

There was a varied array of food ranging from the perenial cheese platter to homous and labne (a thick yogurt dip ),various breads, parma ham and freshly cut carrot sticks,cucumbers and tomato's.
We soon joined in the conversation,pecked at the food and drank gorgeous wine.

The dessert platter was placed before us with a colourful array of pastries as well as a box of Lebanese delicacies straight from the hostesses mother land. A little boy runs out and looks upon these sugary treats with dismay:

"Maman! Where are the carrots?"

Wow! I think...

The mother politely asks the hostess:

"Maya? Where are the carrot sticks..? My son would like some more!"

"They are in the kitchen...you do know that they are soaked in Whiskey?!.."

I thought they tasted rather good!!..attributing that to lemon juice and nothing else!

"Really? " replied the mom equally surprised. "Oh well...he's been at them all night...another one won't hurt!"

How to get your kids to keep their fingers out of the dessert platter and firmly around a carrot stick!!

"...CHEERS..to the freakin' weekend,
I'll drink to that..yeay yeay..
Let the Jameson sink in...yeay yeay!!