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Saturday, 10 January 2015

A Trip to Marigot Bay...this one's for you Janet.

Many moons ago and we are talking; 2006/2007...my dear friend Janet and I decided on a getaway to Saint Lucia. The destination was decided upon the fact that my travel agent at "Carrier" mentioned to me that a new resort had opened called: Discovery at Marigot Bay.

And off we went.

The only reason I am going down this trip to memory lane and I shall not bore you with the details is that I came across it in the travel section of UK Elle magazine and it has been renamed and probably bought out....

                                                 "Capella Marigot Bay"

...and upon seeing the images I was back there with Janet in the pool drinking, Lord knows what mixed with rum and having a great adventure.

It has always remained my "happy place"..you know the "go to place" when you are meditating in yoga and seeing this made me realise how much I would like to return.
Good thing is,it is being completely renovated, as you will see on their website...for we all know that returning to a place we once went to and hold such memories from can never be repeated and often times when we mistakenly do throw caution to the wind and not heed this simple warning...we are always disappointed:

Exhibit A: My sister and I returned to the Bahamas twice in a row...what a HUGE mistake.
Exhibit B: My BF "The Coach" and I returned to Montreal in November after having loved it in Sept the year before...operative word: "September"....

So back to Marigot Bay...it is going to look AMAZING!!!...

The boutique resort is a group of hillside lodges overlooking a lovely marina...each room has a sea facing balcony.
It will still have their Spa...which they claim it be "a whole village spa" now....
Adults only swimming pool....sublime with swim up to bar....Rum-ilicious!
A 2 minute free boat ride to the beach...which is literally across from the pontoon you see above and accessed by a " Boutique Kleenex" box like boat. There was also a restaurant across the way too and little boutiques too.
Fine dining is available as well as a casual waterside cafe.

So look...Christmas is over and the sales are on at British Airways and Virgin Airlines...what are you waiting for to book your next adventure?
"An influx of spending money"...says my bank account....so unglamourous.

Visit : www.capellamarigotbay.com for more info don't just take my word for it.

So Janet: remember The Green Parrot? And our bus breaking down on the way to Soufrieres and all those chickens running in the road...and buying ankle chains and matching toe rings .....Hilarious!! Happy times....