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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

"Pause Button Therapy":..read on.

I came across an article in the health section of last month's Red magazine inviting you to try: "Pause Button Therapy" (PBT) if you fly off the handle easily... teaching you how to visualise the likely results of your actions as if you were watching a film. 

Dr Martin Shirran,psychologist and co-author of Pause Button Therapy explains the benefits of using this technique prior to..let's say wigging out and blasting a colleague at work, your boss....etc.
But I say; why not use this for compulsive shoppers? Those that think that during the sales you have the unmitigated right to shop and buy simply because it is half price....cheaper and therefore your God given right. 
So let us all try this technique while we salivate before our Obsession du Jour...(I have mine...pick one of yours and concentrate...):

....."Stop for a few seconds and imagine your next course of action..." 
Well that's easy:Buy the blasted thing and make your heart ZING!!...Well, no!..cos...

...."That's when you press pause to give yourself some thinking time"....
Easy! Think about what these :(insert your item of choice)...would go with...Hmmmm,should I get them in this colour or not? Will my friends be insanely jealous...Yes Yes ....Yessssss!!

...."Then press fast - forward  and think about how things will go if you react badly-what will people think..."
More like what life would be like if  you don't buy this desired item...People will think that I am a cheapskate/easily manipulated!! and WEAK!!

...."What could it be doing to your blood pressure?"....Wreaking havoc! Heart racing,blood pounding as you wrestle with your inner shopping demons as you whip out your extremely tired credit card that is cringing at the task at hand.

...."Lastly,press rewind and imagine another scenario...."Easy your frenemy rushing in and snapping it up while you spend all this time pausing, fast-forwarding and bloody rewinding!!

NB: (as printed in Red magazine)
"..PBT is used in anger management, but it can be applied to any habitual behaviour such as reaching for a drink or cigarette as a way to cope when you feel angry or upset..."

Bloody right when you have spent so much time reflecting on why you shouldn't buy the item of choice.... that the item is now: 
a)Sold out!
b)Dangling from the arm of your not so best friend... You will need a glass of wine, a cigarette and a good kick up your ass.

If it looks good and your credit card doesn't wilt at the sight of the amount...GO FOR IT!