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Friday, 30 May 2014


Dolly Parton is America's sweetheart....she is saccharine sweet and with her self deprecating humour...who wouldn't love her?
I am no great fan of her music...after "Jolene...Jolene...Jolene...Jooooo-leneeeee"....I kind of switched off from her music and embraced her acting from "9 to 5" and my all time favourite: "Steel Magnolias".

So why am I writing about her? Not for her taste in clothes....nor her wig collection that rivals even Raquel Welch's but for her words of wisdom that I came across in Elle magazine...:

"Dolly on dressing up:
'It's a good thing I was born a girl,otherwise I'd be a drag queen.'

Dolly on diets:
'I tried every diet in the book.I tried some that weren't in the book.I tried eating the book.It tastes better than most of the diets.'

Dolly on ....Dolly:
'You try wagging these puppies around...and see if you don't have back problems.' "
(This said after having to postpone her 2008 tour...)

I thought that this was a colourful,rhinestone, star spangled way...to end the week!

                                                         Have a nice weekend.