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Sunday, 14 April 2013

&Other Stories.....a diligent way to shop.

(...Before I get into it :No...this isn't a children's book store!)

I was in London and did have every intention of looking up this new addition from the wonderful folk who brought us : H&M and my beloved COS....but I couldn't find it! 

"O' Rage! O' Desespoir!!

I did nip into Cos on Regent's street but what with the incessant rain and an acute need to pee...we abandoned the search and hopped into a cab. So...here is the scoop:

"&Other Stories" was 3 years in the making and an exciting new label and way to shop. The team have thrown out the "high street fashion" rule book by thumbing their noses at everyone else's flash in the pan approach to fashions and trends. What they are bringing to the table are 4 "style stories" which evolve from season to season. The cost is "higher" than H&M (thank God...) basing themselves nearer to the Zara / Reiss price range with fashion that should accompany you from year to year by working with your wardrobe and not against it.

Do check out the extensive online shop and website...my finger was clicking all over the place...I had to reel myself in and share this with you. 

With shops in Paris,London and Italy...
....and I bloody couldn't find it!!!!
Oh! the shame.....kicking myself ....and now will go back and shop on the online store.


Queue Laughter.... from Father to Daughter:The Dad Hatter Chronicles

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