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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Elizabeth Taylor : February 27 1932 - March 23 2011

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The New Man-cabulary:..."This is a Man's word..."

Is it just me or is there a whole new vocabulary slowly creeping into our lives? One that is singling out certain words and "manifying" them? ....A Mancabulary! Come on you must have heard the stealth like assault as much as I, surrepticious stealing of perfectly harmless words and appropriating them for the male population. When did men become so insecure that they needed their own vocabulary? Or is this simply a new breed of Fashion Lingo? Anyone clueless check out the new" Man's words" slowly making their mark and being pronounced in every fashion/celebrity magazine and TV show: 
It all really started with the simple things that would make us laugh,like the" Man bag" that first appeared on Joey Tribiani  in episode of "Friends". We have since accepted that word and use it appropriately when spying a dude totting a Man bag and no...messenger bags don't count...a man bag will speak for itself and have you doing a double take.
Soon things like "Man up!" which makes perfect sense...also starts to single itself out,but not as much as the God awful affliction: "Moobs"....man boobs are terrible in every sense of the word and one I am sure they do not want to appropriate but has been afflicted upon them nonetheless...apt but cruel.
But this new Man-guage has started to multiply and take on a life of it's own; in just a few days I heard a bunch of new terms such as "Man love" which is self evident and I guess is another version of a "Bromance" which is a term I actually like but have never had the occasion to use.But whoever coined the phrase "Having a bromance with.." must also be responsible coming up with "Broga classes"....YES! Yoga for bros!!! I heard this on an episode of E !news and loved the sheer ludicrousness of it...only in Hollywood .Seriously,this term will never kick off in London...I just don't see any Brit wanting to be caught dead in a Broga class...Pole dancing yes....they will be lining up along the corridors.
So a beautiful woman on the arm of a man is know as" arm candy"...great term, but why oh why the necessity for "man candy"? Someone must be making the big dinero in a back room somewhere at the E! offices to come up with these words or are they just tripping off the tongues of the witty Giuliana Rancic et all?
So compadres...here are some more words straight from your Mancabulary..( will they sink or swim off every one's collective tongues?) Now a  holiday with the guys is a" Mancation"...I swear I did not make this up...and "Mangagement rings" are the new bling on the Red Carpet...Yes,you read it right...engagement rings for men..Why? I haven't a clue other than certain men are big on jewellery and maybe feel that us woman have somehow,through no fault of our own, monopolised the market on engagement rings?
But my argument is, will real men embrace this new lingo? And I mean men like my BF:meat and potatoes men with calluses on their hands from hard work and whose idea of a pedicure is to hack away at the hard skin on his feet with a razor blade...yes,those men...the ones who leave crumbs on table tops but will put their dishes in the dish washer....(whole other topic!)
 I think not,somehow.
This Mancabulary is a fashion forward, on trend speech and not for the down and dusty Kimosabis out there. This will trip of the tongues of the metrosexuals and Hollywood darlings,the Vogue readers ,the shoppers and bar hoppers...and me! Natch.
But as the song "This is a Man's world" goes:..."they would be nothing,nothing...without a woman or a girl."
I rest my case.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Beirut Duty Free Rocks Airport with Dabke Dance - Full Version

Now this is something that warms the heart during such periods of unrest and turbulance.
I would love to partake in a flash mob and stun my brother in law into silence in an airport terminal somewhere during our travels...guess Heathrow would be wisest.My B in L hates any form of public displays of involvement..he went apoplectic when I partook in Xmas cheer with the carol singers at the now defunct Tavern on the Green. It was hilarious watching him squirm and telling me to stop calling attention to us...but if I slip while walking or almost get run over by a rogue cyclist in Amsterdam...! he is in hog's heaven. This kind of public display of digression he loves!

Monday, 14 March 2011

IT'S...going to be..A GIRL!

The Beckhams have announced that Victoria is indeed pregnant with a girl,expected this summer and that they are truly pleased to finally have a little Poshette to join their posse,hoss.All gifts from Hermes please,anything from Gap will be scrutinized CSI style, although I did read that during a photo shoot for ...UK Vogue?...one of the girls on set was wearing a cashmere sweater from Gap's winter collection that Victoria liked so much that she had her assistant buy her one in every colour...so you can make an impression after all.
Now everyone is waiting with baited breath to hear what this child  could possibly be named,after all with brothers called Brooklyn,Romeo and Cruz...it is anybodies guess and it boggles the imagination. 
So here is my "guess list" please feel free to contribute yours:
Since Mama Posh is in fashion now, rather successfully I must add,maybe she will seek inspiration from....fabrics:
Organza.....Chintzia...Poplin...? I guess Seersucker would be a mouthful.
How about colours:
Chartreuse.....Siena.....(Ribena,but that is another category) Magenta!that packs a punch.
Since Victoria is extremely health conscious and watches what she eats with religious fervour,maybe there is something there:
Sushi Beckham?..huh,huh? OK... Steamed Fish would never make the cut but how about Kale Wasabi Beckham? Kind of has a regal,vegetal ring to it.
What about the designers that have influenced her :
Rolanda..(Roland Mouret)...Louboutina...Donatella....Kelly or Birkin...Birkin Beckham...NICE!
But hey,why not let rip and let any nonsense in: Melrose Beckham....Malibu Barbie Beckham....Peckham Beckham....
Whatever...it'll become known soon enough and they may just surprise us all and call her Abigail.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Verbal Suicides

Well it has been a busy time for verbal diarrhoea and Charlie Sheen needs Immodium big time to stem the endless flow.
 Now officially sacked from his award "Winning!" show,he is a man with mania on his mind. He was wielding a machete (channeling his inner Gaddafi?...) from the top of some building in LA and only seems to be"Winning!" on Twitter with the amounts of followers he now has...sadly enough,the stuff he comes up with is hilarious if it wasn't said with such certainty...and the world sits back and watches him crash into delirium.
"Winner,winner Sheen dinner..." So many anecdotes have come of this Joan Rivers will be using this material for the rest of her days. I am sure the sales of his tshirts will be through the roof what with "tiger blood" being the choice du jour. This man has not only bitten off the hand that feeds him but has fed it to his inner tiger... while he continues to feast on the giant foot in his mouth he continues to ramble at warp speed...sad but compulsive viewing.
I'd buy a tshirt but sadly here in France,no one would get the irony and the impact would be slightly wasted.
Hopefully he can "cure himself with his mind" but on a more sane and permenant level.

*Galliano on the cover of Fashion People*

 What was even more painful viewing was the video footage of  50 year old John Galliano,obviously enibriated and slurring through his anti semitic remarks. We are not used to seeing him other than strutting his bad self down the runway after his shows and looking a little more fierce or foolish (depending on how you may see it). Hearing him speak under these circumstances was crazily hypnotic,I just wanted to hit repeat over and over again while cringing in  embarrassment. It was like watching your aged aunt making a spectacle of herself after having been heavy handed with the sherry, during what was a seemingly innocuous dinner and has now become so much more. But you can bundle your aunt home, put her to bed and the next morning she will be non the wiser.Somehow Galliano's remarks...filmed amazingly!?.. cannot be swept under the runway carpet and the poor bewildered man is well under the popping lightbulbs now for all the wrong reasons and not by the runway photographers. How the mighty have fallen.
 He has been publicly sacked and disgraced from the House of Dior and facing a court hearing while he tries to clear his name. Whatever next?  Genius does seem to lead to madness,look at Mel Gibson. He is the sum total of what these two are going through...and look how his career  is faring...  
I remember when Galliano's graduation collection from St.Martin's was snapped up by fashion doyenne Joan Burstein to display in Browns. His was a rising star,pure genius all the way but now I see a shadow of his former self . He needs a Marc Jacobs moment,when he goes away to rehab,away from the public eye and comes back as Adonis! How hot is Marc Jacobs,seriously...from geek to Greek God... Bang!
 Times are a changing and leaders are toppling even in the fashion and television world. Salaries are through the roof and so are the egos...so much to learn from this. 

On a whole new note: Jude Law and Sienna Miller are no longer a couple...I have 2 words for that and it isn't :"How sad..." more like: Who cares.
 Never re freeze a defrosted meal. Jude will move on to somebody's nanny... although he is getting a little long in the tooth now for that to make any impact whatsoever.As for the lovely Sienna? She will undoubtedly create chaos with yet another inappropriate liason. Funtimes ahead.