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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Brother, Where Art Thou'?

My sister told me that she had just received a phone call from the manager's assistant at the healthcare company we employ for Dad.
" Oh?" I said" what did she want?"
She was calling to enquire when our next trip to London will be, as the manager would like to meet with us and Dad.
"We haven't yet made any plans" replied my sister to the assistant.
“ I see....Well how about your brother, Reem...?”
!#****!?~*** #

Dear M. (the manager):
My sister just relaid to me the conversation she had with S. regarding our next trip to London...It seems that unbeknowest to me: I have either undergone a painless sex change or Dad has a love child...in either case , Lina  now seems to have a brother called Reem...

As much as the idea of a brother would please us both....I found this hysterical and howled with laughter. But what baffles me is the fact I spoke to S. only last week ....it would seem evident from my voice, that I am well and truly a woman! Or would that somehow make me gay?...
Kind regards......