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Saturday, 27 December 2014


On a brief and amusing note....we went and saw Ridley Scott's latest snooze fest:

EXODUS: Gods and Kings....
Starring:Christian Bale as Moses/Moshe, Ben Kingsley, a mute Sigourney Weaver....and believe it or not Aaron Paul of the amazing : "Breaking Bad"....as Joshua

What he is doing in this film is still bewildering to me....He is forever Jesse Pinkman, however hard he tries to shake off that mantel and even in rags and looking bedraggled you can still hear him say:
"YO YO!Moses!.....BITCHHHH...."

All I can say is this...if you haven't had enough helpings of turkey over Xmas...go and indulge in this prime Turkey and drink some Redbull...cos you are going down for a nap at some point during this film.

...Still picking the feathers out of my mouth.....pitouiiiii