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Saturday, 7 February 2015

The Humanisation of Victoria Beckham

I haven't been a fan of Victoria's like....ever.
But! I also know when to concede....

I watched the 73 Questions for Vogue with Victoria Beckham and...as you will see....She had me at:


I liked her...she really came across as someone "real", away from the frozen,pouty,posy personae she has adopted to hide behind. I believe that she keeps the "real" for home and family and friends...and then dons her outer exterior in front of the camera.

Call it self preservation, call it arrogance? I call it the Humanisation of Victoria Beckham...and in my old age...I get her and am growing to like her.

Growing being the operative word,so lets not get too excited here.

I also find her collaboration with Nails Inc to be "finger licking good"...(see above photo..)
The 2 colours: Judo (orange/red) and Bamboo ( white-ish) are for her "Victoria Victoria Beckham line.
I like!
What are your thoughts....