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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

"The Eyes Have it"...Aaron Basha's Evil Eye bracelet & more....

My sister and I saw an advertisement for Aaron Basha's Evil Eye bracelets in the Harrods magazine and decided to check them out...we all need a little "gri gri" protection.

The fact that Aaron Basha was in the Fine Jewellery department should have been indication enough that we were not  going to be purchasing a bracelet each.

We find the display that is riddled with Evil Eye bracelets galore and skimming through them while eliminating the obvious " Bada bling's"... my eye settles on the one that is simple yet effective:

I ask the gentleman behind the counter if we can :
a) See it....and 
b) How much it costs.

"Of course Madam" he replies as he bends down and locates the red cord with the enamel eye surrounded by a fine band of 18k gold.
"Now...I can't seem to be sure of the price here...is it? Why yes it is..£600 Madam" and he places it on the velvet tray before me.
" What! That piece of string and barely enough gold for a filling?..." I gasp.
"Hard to believe I know Madam" replied the kindly gentleman.

Gaia Repossi's Ear Cuff:

"Wow!" I exclaimed when I saw the Repossi counter with the minimalistic ear cuffs and rings:
"How interesting, they must look great on" I ask the gentleman.
"Oh they are rather interesting Madam.... but awfully painful! Once it is on,the customer can't wait to get it off!"

Repossi ear cuff in pink gold without diamonds:€ 3800