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Thursday, 24 January 2013


I simply haven't had much luck with books recently; I have just thrown down another dud in a fit of anger, this would be my 5th in a row.
My fear is: have I lost my "page turner mojo"? Or am I simply throwing good money after bad in my amazon book finding frenzy?

The downward spiral started with: "The Mistress's Revenge" by Tamar Cohen. My sister lent me her latest book : "The War of the Wives" which was terrific..the classic case of polygamy gone wrong when the "loving"husband dies and 2 families come to the funeral.
You can't fault me for being seduced by the author,in my eyes she could do no wrong until I tried to read "The Mistress's Revenge", hating the mistress the lover and sorry...even the author herself.
Dump in pile for Oxfam bookstore on Marylebone High Street.

Next:"In the Kingdom of Men" by Kim Barnes...I am always seduced by "foreigners" writing novels based in Saudi Arabia, either because they were married to a Saudi and lived there or they were brought up in a compound while their father worked there. I have no idea why Kim Barnes wrote this book based in Aramco...but what I do know is that it bored me senseless. I was hands down seduced by " a body that washes up...and a husband that may or may not have killed a woman..."what I didn't sign up for was; boring characters, an all over the place plot that simply didn't keep me interested enough to even get to the death/murder....
 Enough said...dumped in pile.

I was super excited  to find out that Anjali Joseph who wrote the fabulous "Saraswati Park" had a new book out. I cracked it open a few days ago.....and read it every evening at bed time solely because it would lull me into  a stupor thanks to the incredibly annoying, pain in the ass "Leela",the main character in this lacklustre book. Last night the soporific qualities of this book wore off!! WT....? No longer sleep inducing, this book held no other quality in my eyes other than joining the pile of "dump" books. 

NEXTTTTTT....The supposed "page turner": "The Good Father" by Noah Hawley....NOTTTTT!!

A leading neurosurgeon's son( from his first marriage) has just been arrested for murdering a popular presidential candidate. Try as he might he cannot believe that his son is capable of such a heinous crime...Guess what sunshine?: he is,he did...and this book ain't worth trying to find the whys or wherefores...
Really Not Bothered!!

Of course I am now scared stiff of the next book on my "Must read"pile...Fingers crossed.

Stay tuned.