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Saturday, 14 July 2012


This sleek and sophisticated luxury-handcrafted paperweight encapsulates all that Tateossian represents:contemporary,fashion forward and timeless jewellery.

Very masculine with a hint of hidden bling, this signature Tateossian  "luxurious" pebble is made in black obsidian and rose gold encasing a pebble showcasing 60 carats of white diamond dust at its core.
This magnificent homage to the Queens Diamond Jubilee will look impressive and command undivided attention displayed upon the desk of your chosen one.

This one of a kind creation was exclusive for The Masterpiece Show 2012 in London which brings together exhibitors from around the globe to join together and display distinctive and highly aesthetic designs under one forum. The vast choice of exhibitors is as impressive as their designs themselves.


Long Live the Queen and Long Live Tateossian!